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Federico II Tenimenti Associati

Extravirgin olive oil

Extravirgin olive oil

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Description: On the Berici Hills, the territory has an important influence on the quality of Nani extra virgin olive oil. Our olive trees are carefully monitored to verify the correct maturation of the olives. The olives are harvested by hand and are cold pressed on the day of harvest. The oil we obtain is a unique product: an oil with a great character, rich in flavour, you can recognize the fruity flavor of the olives and the almond, with a harmonious note of bitter and spicy. Excellent for eating raw, on vegetables, on grilled meat and fish, soups and bruschetta. Our oil is unfiltered

Olive tree varieties: Rasara, Frantoio, Leccino.
• Organoleptic characteristics: Rich taste with bitter and spicy notes, fruity with hints of olives and almonds

Raw consumption Excellent on vegetables, meat, grilled fish, soups and bruschetta
1 L bottle
Cold milling exclusively with mechanical processes on the day of harvest
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