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Federico II Tenimenti Associati

Grappa del Nani Yellow

Grappa del Nani Yellow

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The master distillers, through double distillation of the fermented pomace of Chardonnay and Moscato, have obtained the Aged Grappa del Nani, whose aromatic framework is characterized by its strong personality. Grappa with a particular amber color. Unique and precious distillate, with great personality and refined balance of fragrances. A rigorous and frank grappa, it gives the palate an unmistakable finesse. For meditation.

To be consumed after meals. Accompany the tasting of dark chocolate or as a correction to espresso coffee

Serving temperature : 16-17° C
Alcohol content : 13% vol.
Grape variety and training method :
Yellow Muscat Chardonnay
Distillation :
Traditional double distillation with discontinuous method
steam powered
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