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Federico II Tenimenti Associati

Grappa of Nani Bianca

Grappa of Nani Bianca

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The master distillers, through double distillation of the fermented Cabernet pomace, have obtained the Grappa del Nani Cabernet, whose aromatic framework is characterized by a strong personality: a vast range of sensations ranging from shades attributable to ripe red fruit, passing through pleasant , very light, herbaceous hints, reaching perceptions that recall the floral sphere.

To be consumed after meals. Accompany the tasting of dark chocolate or as a correction to espresso coffee

Serving temperature : 12-14° C
Alcohol content : 40% vol.
Grape variety :
Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc
Distillation :
Traditional double distillation with discontinuous steam method
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